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Borosilicate glass

Teaquarium is Borosilicate glass 450ml bottle that is resistant to thermal stress. For this reason, your beverage creation in a teaquarium can be either hot or chilled without causing stress to the glass. The double walled borosilicate glass allows you to handle your teaquarium without burn or frostbite. Additionally it provides durability and insulation of your Teaquarium.

304 Stainless steel

Your Teaquarium has a removable safe 304 stainless steel filter for your tea leaves or tea bag. 304 stainless steel is corrosion and heat resistant, and not effected by organic chemicals. 

Bamboo Lid

Teaquarium is sealed with the natural resource of bamboo. The sustainability of bamboo is resistant to humidity, making it ideal for sealing your Teaquarium. The bamboo lid has the texture of marble and the elegance of wood, providing a stylish closure to your Teaquarium.

Eco Friendly Teaquarium

Plastic is not fantastic, when reusing bottles, as chemicals can be released into your beverage overtime.

Aluminum bottles can leave a metallic taste in your water. Furthermore, hot liquid beverages cannot be placed, as it will burn your hands.

The Teaquarium is designed for reuse, and safe eco friendly consumption.

Blend all your possibiliteas with Teaquarium!