Look Book

These Beautiful Teatini Mixologist Girls know functional and Versatile. They have enchanted us with floating botanicals in our TEAQUARIUM tea infusers! || @teatini__ 



Beautiful Blogger and YouTuber Rachel Lee nails it with Bountiful Blueberries in a Glass Flask that's all Class! || @rachelleea


If you Seek Attention...You need to be all Class like a TEAQUARIUM Glass! Like food bloggers Penny and Bella || Strawberries and Iced Tea || @theattentionseekers

Slow down with a Tea break and appreciate Slow living and Surroundings like Leah to Soothe her throat || Lemon, Honey and Ginger || @suchwildgrace

Tropical Therapy: Colouring, Beach, Sun, Tan and TEAQUARIUM || Pineapple, and Mint|| @martinaillustration @triangl


Be a SuperStar at the start of the day like professional Surfer and Yogi Shayelle keeping with her Tea || Hot Tea|| @shayellellajoie

Who is your best friend? Drink some tea with them! Bombshell Blogger Model Riana's bestie is TEAQUARIUM|| 8 cups of tea|| @rianahorner

Making heads turn and shaking it up with her nude TEAQUARIUM is busy bee model Rhiana|| Smoothie protein Shake|| @rhiana_webber

Always think The Grass is always Green when your on the go like actress and model Sarah ||Green Tea, Ginger and Lemon|| @sarahlawther

Kick box your way out of winter and hydrate with Nicky Ward! || Strawberries and Mint|| @nickyward86


Nourish and Nurture yourself with TEAQUARIUM with natural sugars from mandarins and hibiscus like her homemade real natural skincare range by entrepreneur Tabitha Emma|| Mandarins and Hibiscus Iced Tea|| @nourish.and.nurture


Wake up with TEAQUARIUM adventures of Seas, Sunshine and Smiles from Sports Star Olympian Casey Grice|| Lemon Tea| @kcgrice


Get active and embrace the outdoors with Miss Australia finalist Lydia and her TEAQUARIUM|| Strawberries and Lemon|| @lydiahonan1

To cleanse your insides and outside, manage with pain relief of IBS and glowing skin like lifestyle blogger @the__unrefined opt for || Lemon and Ginger|| @the__unrefined


Rapt with Raspberries, Roses, and White Chocolate By the Beautiful Friend Anita L fueling her TEAQUARIUM raspberries || Raspberries || @nita_loves

Kickstarting your Fri-Tea and digestive system with nutritionist Claudia Cramer || Peppermint, Lemon and Blueberry tea || @claudiacramer_

Model Karri Nicholas making us green with envy, with her Green Tea TEAQUARIUM and sunshine! ||Green Tea and sunshine|| @karri_nicholas

CEO Custom Jeweller Alice Or treasuring and customising her TEAQUARIUM possibilitea!!! || Green Tea, Ginger, and Lemon||@aliceorjewellery

Styling our Bamboo Lid and keeping us in Suspense...||@hannah.r.phillips

Working and Recharging with her TEAQUARIUM is all rounder blogger and YouTuber Rachel Lee || Strawberries and Mint|| @rachelleea

Warming up with a TEAQUARIUM in a new home with Make up Artist Amelia Singson||@Ameliasingson

Refresh and Glow like the Beautiful Blogger Bettina Banks || Strawberries and Cucumber || @msbbanks